Darn Real Life

So I haven’t posted in a few days. Darn real life getting in the way. Trying to get things organized and get my business going again so I have been a little light on the A&S. Getting my 10 minutes a day in one way or another, but have been getting very focused on business so that I can have more time to play 😉 Here is the current update from the past few days.

Day 10 (July 23, 2017) Spent a little joyous time at Jo-Ann’s. Got silk thread for hand sewing my next Stola or 2.

Day 11: Cleaning day! More work on cleaning up my A&S area and starting to purge through things I’m not using.

Day 12: Lots of errands today so listened to my History of Rome podcast while on the road.

Day 13: Started sewing my Stola! Got a lot more done than I had expected. This will probably be my go to quick day project for a while.

Day 14: Listened to some of my podcast while working on the business.



Playing with color

So today I played with dying yarn. This was not meant to be a SCA project, but it became one LOL. We did current modern food safe dying using Wilton icing, wool yarn, and a Mason jar. It made it so easy and I was so excited how fun and easy it was that I thought this might make a great children’s activity. Of course I didn’t think to take photos until after the main part of it was done lol.

So we started with this for color
wilton dye

It was really simple. We pre skeined and soaked the yarn. The yarn we used was Bare wool of the Andes from Knitpicks Then we added some color and vinegar and water to the bottom of the mason jar.

Next we put in the presoaked wool. I added some more of a different color on the top then filled with water and a little more vinegar. 20170721_181440[1]

Put on the top and let sit in the sun!

Yes that easy.

I left it like this for about 7 hours.20170721_181440[1]

Then open up the jar and dump out the remaining water and rinse in a bucket of clean water. 20170721_181814[1]

Hang to dry. This is my result.

Yes that easy and that beautiful! What kid wouldn’t want to take that home! Heck what mom or dad wouldn’t want to take that home!