So as the summer temperatures rise we have to be mindful of our hydration. This is not a new contest and taking from a old Persian recipe we can find that people have been developing ways of maintaining hydration for thousands of years.

We can find a text from ancient Rome about oxmel. This was more often used as a medicinal items and is created by mixing a one-to-one ratio of honey and vinegar and adding usually bitter or unpleasant flavored herbs as a way of making that was being used for its medicinal qualities more palatable.

The continent is the Persian or Arabic term meaning honey vinegar. This is often a time that you will hear in the sca as a wonderful drink as a type of medieval Gatorade. I am not a chemist and I have not done all the research as to why it works the way it does however I have read that something about the vinegar allows your cells to absorb more water. Hydrating your body better. I will do more research in the future and update this post once I do.

Currently I am working on trying a different variety of variations with simple syrup 1 to 1 ratio of sugar and water and honey and varying different types of vinegars that I am using to find my Prime taste. Below are the two different recipes I am currently working with.

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Bring to boil and let slow boil for 10 minutes

Add 1/2 cup vinegar of your choice. ( currently I am trying a pomegranate infused red wine vinegar, a white wine vinegar, and a standard red wine vinegar)

Return to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes. Add a handful of mint and let simmer 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Mix with water to your taste average ratio is 5 or 10 to 1.

For my followers I will update this in more detail later but I wanted to get this out there because I actually had a person in the non SCA world that I ran into at the tennis courts today asked me for this recipe so I’m updating it quickly today for her use


Bucket lists and goal setting

Life has been very busy lately. However I am going to continue to try to keep up on my blog at least once a week. So this week’s topic on Ask A Courtesan is do you have a goal list for your persona? Do you have a SCA bucket list for you personally? What are the goals you are currently working on?

I have many goals that I am working on. Current projects include working on my banner that I will display at Gulf War at Ca d’Oro salon, a beading project that will be entered into an a&s, spinning project that will be entered into an A&S competition, and I was just thinking as I’m typing this that I would really like to develop a product line for SCA sales that is period and fun for me. I’m thinking that fans are something that I have not seen custom done much that may be something I need to investigate.

As far as a bucket list goes I haven’t even started on one for my Persona yet. I did come across another scadian personal bucket list for her SCA career and it got me thinking about mine. So that is a project that I am currently working on also is figuring out what my bucket list is. There are few things that are definitely at the top of the list some that have been achieved and some that have not yet been achieved. Things that I have achieved; I have become an apprentice to an amazing woman, I have gotten my AOA, and I am currently now just starting as a baronial officer, I have also gotten my name and my heraldry approved. Things that I have not yet accomplished that I are on my to do list is achieve a next level award, be considered for a peerage, fully develop my Persona and her backstory, be able to teach at least five different SCA classes, and enter a pentathlon.

Here is my current working bucket list. What’s on your list?

registered my SCA name
received my AoA
fully developed my persona ****
owned one complete set of nice garb and accessories relating to my persona
made one formal and one casual set of garb and accessories relating to my persona
registered my heraldry
(X) shot a bow
thrown weapons
made boots/shoes
made garb
tried tablet weaving
Succeeded at nalbinding
try lucet weaving
join a largesse dirty dozen competition
wrote/ performed peroid poetry
help host a party at an event like Pennsic
written SCA songs/stories/poems
been the reason/inspiration for an SCA song/story/poem
made an alternative medium scroll
produced a scroll that was handed out in court (kingdom or baronial)
performed a demo
autocrated an event
(X) taught a class
(X) served at feast
been to Pennsic
been to an out of kingdom event besides Pennsic
used an SCA skill in mundane life
wore garb in public
been an apprentice
held a baronial office
entered an A&S tourney
judged at Kingdom A&S
entered kingdom A&S
received a token from someone at an event
given a token to someone at an event
served as a champion
served behind the Thrones at Court
made a thing at a blacksmith’s forge
know several period dances
spend time at an event playing period active games like hobby horses or hunkerhausen or bocce
helped with children’s activities
traveled to events in all groups in my Kingdom
made a period beverage like mead or sekanjabin
made a period style something from antler or bone
made a period style something from wood
made period style something from clay
made a period style something from glass
spun wool or other fiber
dyed wool or other fiber
brought people with me to events in another region of the kingdom
retained for royalty
earned an award of merit and/or high merit
earned a peer-level award
meet new people at every event I attend UNTIL THE WORLD KNOWS MY NAME /fist raised to sky/
be in a “no shit” story that people tell years from now
write a SCA research paper

Ask A Courtesan

Since most Courtesans are educated, what subject do think about the most?


I am currently practicing my trade skills of flirting and good conversation.

My thoughts are on seeking new patrons for future events and engagements. I have been asked to host the tarot salon at our Disney Pennsic Party. So planning for that must now begin also. But also looking for opportunities to earn more money for pennsic. So if your a patron looking for engagements for the event, or before, feel free to contact me to see if the skills you are looking for match. 

I am currently speaking and reading on my co workers and others that may be less fortunate than myself. I tend to wander my way through many topics since my interests vary day by day depending on which gentlemen are entertaining me that day. For long days on my own I am striving to read more about our older sister from Greece and their challenges and successes. Also on my reading list is Tacitus’s Annals.

Ask a Courtesan

What led you to choose this unique persona?

I am a very sex positive person. I believe in the freedom of choice and using positive perspectives to encourage open mindedness and safety over repression and denial. When I started in playing in the SCA I wanted to pursue a courtesan persona. I was told that this was taboo and that if I chose that persona I would never advance in the kingdom. Fast forward 17 years, I was asked if I would like to be a student of someone that I admire greatly and had only known for about a year. After I agreed and we did a little ceremony she turns to me and says “ I think you would find Roman Courtesans really interesting” I stopped. Laughed. And then knowing that I had formed this learning relationship with the totally right person because she didn’t know anything about my previous interest in the area.

Since I have chosen this persona I have only become more and more happy with my choice. I have found a love for researching marginalized persons in my time period (1st Century CE Rome). I am finding that people are very interested in what I am learning, first because it is new research for my locals and so my classes that I am developing and teaching are new to most people at the events I am at, and second because well it is taboo and so it peaks the mental happy zones.

Lastly, well those that know me know that I can’t do anything normal or boring so I had to jump out somehow 🙂

Developing a persona

Persona development may come easy for some, but for me it is a difficult path. I have decided where my passion lies, but in our society of creativity and expanse there are so many shiny things that I want to wear, try, do, be.

I am making an effort to keep my focus. To this effect I have created a Facebook page to share things that are related to my persona, time period, and courtesan work in modern life and historically. I am also making a goal to post here at least once a week. I am in hopes that this will keep me more grounded and working on documenting the research I am working on and the arts I am doing.

Please feel free to comment on how you keep in persona and what you do to keep shiny syndrome from taking over 🙂

And in our learning for today I give you a piece of Domina Lucretia Marcelli smack talk

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.                    Re vera, cara mea, mea nil refert

Starting Class Outlines

So I am starting to write up my class on Prostitution in Ancient Rome. This is a work in progress and I would love some feedback on what you would like to see included in this class. Please feel free to post any questions or topics that you would like to see covered in this class.

Yes this is a very rough outline at this point so please just take it as that LOL.


Prostitution in Ancient Rome

Where do we start? At the beginning! We always hear that prostitution is the oldest occupation, so it could be seen as that in Rome. The founding story of Rome is of Remus and Romulus, twins born to a princess and the God Mars. The king of the region was afraid the twins would grow up to overthrow him so he ordered the twins killed. Not wanting to see her sons put to death the princess had them abandoned in a basket near the river. A lupa found the twins and raised them. They went on to found the city of Rome.

Lupa in latin means she wolf. However, it is also a term that is used for prostitutes. So were the twins really raised by wolves? Or a prostitute?

Types of prostitutes found in literature: Remembering that we are missing the womens voice in lit.

Laws regarding prostitution


Not law, but follow me shoe soles



Effect of taxes on economy and why they liked prostitution


Matrons registering as prostitutes

Male vs Female prostitution

Free and citizen vs slavery

Archaeological Evidance

Pompeii vs rest of Rome: Stopped in time while still having the influence of Nero and Caligula. Did not have time to “clean up”

In graffiti

In Art and paintings    

Types of Lupernara